Enabling FEC on Haivision Barracuda and Makito Encoders and Makito Decoders
Posted by on 16 February 2012 01:41 PM

Haivision Barracuda and Makito encoders and the Makito decoder support a proprietary FEC (Forward Error Correction) implementation.

FEC cannot be enabled from the web interface, it must be enabled via the command line interface (CLI).

SSH, Telnet or connect via serial/RS232 to the Barracuda/Makito encoder or decoder and create a stream from the CLI as you would normally with the addition of the "fec=yes" parameter in the command line.

For example:

On the encoder:

stream create  port=yyyyy  encapsulation=ts-udp  fec=yes

On the decoder:
stream create port=yyyyy  encapsulation=ts-udp  fec=yes

For further details on creating streams from the CLI consult the product documentation or ask our team for assistance.

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