Backups from Video Furnace
Posted by Dominic Foulkes on 08 March 2010 12:02 AM
There are two types of backup required to fully restore a Video Furnace system:

1. System configuration
2. Video assets (the actual video content)

The original base server configuration at the time of installation is saved off-site should a full system recovery be required.

A backup of the current server configuration can be made from the web interface, or automatically sent to an FTP server. This can be done within the VFAdmin tool, under DBAdmin. It produces a zipped package of configuration files. It will assist in restoring the system to its current state following a catastrophic hardware failure.

The video assets can be made available on a Samba share to be retrieved by an external backup process on the network. For this to be set up you should provide to us a list of IP addresses that will be allowed to access the share. Pulling backups of assets in this way will affect read speeds on the drives, so it is ideally carried out when the system is not in use.

Please submit a support case to make a request to set up backups or modify an existing backup configuration.

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