Capture MPEGTS Stream
Posted by Mark Couto on 06 July 2015 10:46 PM

Capture MPEGTS Stream using VLC 


Please follow the steps bellow to capute a unicast of multicast MPEGTS stream. 


1. Click on media 

2. Scroll down to conert/save and click

3. Select the network tab 

4. Type in the multicast/unicast address <"udp/rtp"://@"Stream Address":"port">

5. Make sure "dump raw input" has been seleted

6. Browse to your desired location and save using the following syntax "Filename.ts" 

8. Click on start 

( Depending on your operating system you may need to allow VLC through computers firewall) 

9. Once the record has started VLC will not display an output on screen

10. Click stop on VLC once you have reached the desired recording time 

11. Once finished navigate to your desired location to retrive the recording



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