Licence Sharing Multiple Tag 9000 Units
Posted by on 21 October 2013 08:42 AM

This guide will talk you through syncing and setting up Licence sharing between two TAG 9000 units.   

Sync units together

1.  Direct your web browser to your units IP (i.e. Type in admin log on credentials. (Default: U/N: Admin P/S: Admin) 

2. Using the hyperlinks on the left direct yourself to the following page:  Network > Network  NIC CFG.png

3.  On the column Management Multicast, navigate down to your connected NIC. And check if Management Multicast has been selected.   Managment Multicast.png

4.  Save the configuration to permanent storage this can be achived by heading to the following page: System > System Information. On the Tab click on Device Controls. 

 To enable successful pairing, please repeat Steps 1 - 4 on the other unit. 

Licence Sharing

1. Using the hyperlinks on the right side of the page direct yourself to the following page: System> System Information System info.png

2. Scroll down to License Sharing, check the box.  


3. Using the hyperlinks on the left navigate to the following page:  System > Devices  

4. You will now see all units are synced and licenses are being shared  

syc licence share.png

 licence.png (5.96 KB)
 managment multicast.png (6.48 KB)
 nic cfg.png (26.25 KB)
 syc licence share.png (22.45 KB)
 system info.png (34.50 KB)
 system-devices.png (67.27 KB)

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