AppearTV chassis - modules and options
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There are three types of AppearTV chassis available - 4RU (400W), 4RU (800W) and 1RU.


Appear TV 4RU chassis

  • This chassis has a total of 18 slots
  • The first slot is used for the switch module - the current generation switch modules can also be delivered with IP in and IP out capability, so a separate IP input/output card is not necessary
  • The last slot is reserved for a redundant switch module if required
  • This means there are 16 slots which can be populated with AppearTV modules
  • In general, any combination of modules can be used, however some modules consume more power than others (e.g. transcoders/encoders, modulators and satellite receivers providing LNB power)
  • If a large number of high power modules are installed, the higher spec 800W power supply must be used
  • The chassis has dual power supplies


Appear TV 1RU chassis

  • This chassis has a total of 10 slots - 6 at the rear and 4 at the front
  • The top-right front slot is used for the switch module - and can include IP in and IP out capability
  • Apart from the switch module, only DVB-CI (descrambling) modules can be installed in the front of the chassis
  • Other modules can be used in the rear of the chassis, but the total power is limited - we recommend you contact us for advice before placing an order
  • This chassis has a single power supply only
  • A new dual power supply version is planned for release soon


For more details on the chassis specifications please refer to:

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