Future program information (EPG guide data) missing from Instream & VF NVR
Posted by on 17 May 2012 03:18 PM

In a situation where guide data in not populating past the current days TV listings, please perform the following procedure before raising a ticket.

  • Sign into Furnace
  • Navigate to tools portal
  • Select VF Channel Manager
  • Select TMS Display
  • Select an affected channel E.G. yesterday (call sign: UKHIS)
  • From the drop down select a date that is after the affected date/time and click update display
  • Is there valid guide data?

If there is no guide data navigate back to the "Tools" portal and select the "VF EPG update", the page link will update with the following text

"Retrieving new guide data. This will take a few minutes. Reload page to see current status."

After a few moments refresh the page using F5 or the refresh button, If successful the EPG update button will now display the completed date/time of the update, for example "Guide data last retrieved May 01 2012 11:03am"

If the update was successful then recheck the entry in the TMS Display pages and then Instream & NVR.

If at this point Instream & NVR are still not supplying full guide data and the TMS information is present and correct, please load Instream, confirm that you are able to view the live channels and then raise a ticket on our helpdesk supplying your findings.

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