Exterity TV gateway tuner status information
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On the web interface of an Exterity TV gateway, there is a 'Status' page giving information about the current signal status.

There are three parameters which report the status of the RF signal to the TVgateway. These parameters are only relevant if the TVgateway is streaming.

The Signal Lock icon shows locked if the tuner has successfully locked onto a signal at the required frequency, and unlocked if not.

Signal Quality (terrestrial tuners) gives an approximate guide as to the quality of the input signal. Signal quality is expressed as a percentage.

Signal and Signal Quality (satellite tuners) give an approximate guide as to the quality of the input signal. Signal quality is expressed in dB and signal power in dBuV.


The key details to assist with diagnosing faults are the error statistics:

Uncorrectable Blocks

All RF signals from a DVB-S or DVB-T source will have occasional errors. The tuners will frequently automatically correct these errors. Some of these errors will not be correctable and these will be reported as uncorrectable blocks under the heading UCB Err.

This is the most important metric for determining the quality of RF signal to the TV gateway. If this value is steadily increasing the signal is almost certainly not of good enough quality and will probably result in a poor TV picture.
If the TV gateway is tuned to a good satellite or terrestrial source, the UCB error count will be close to zero.

Continuity Errors

DVB programs are transmitted as MPEG Transport Streams. Transport Stream packets contain a continuity counter which enables a check to be made of the integrity of the stream. Any missing packet is reported as a continuity error under the heading Cont Err. 

If the continuity error count is steadily increasing it will probably result in poor TV picture and usually indicates that the signal is not of good enough quality.

If the continuity error count is increasing while the UCB error count is not increasing, this may indicate that the TVgateway is close to its performance limit. It may be possible to improve matters by disabling traffic smoothing, disabling advanced diagnostics, disabling Transport Stream/RTP and/or streaming fewer channels.

If the TV gateway is connected to a good satellite or terrestrial source and it is operating within its performance limits, the continuity error count will be close to zero.

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