Video Furnace 6.1 Release
Posted by on 17 April 2012 05:50 PM

The latest update to the Video Furnace software, released April 2012, is focussed on the user interface and workflow for both content managers and users. Key new features include:

  • Improved programme guide in player
  • Improved VOD portal
  • Drag and drop multi-viewer
  • Local recordings and download of assets (with relevant permission)
  • Customisable language text
  • Player transparency option
  • Automatic tag based entitlements
  • New look Command & Control

Increasing amounts of video on demand content being stored has been taken into account with this latest release, and improvements have been made in order to help locate and manage a growing number of assets on Video Furnace servers:

It is now possible to view video on demand content as a list as well as with the familiar thumbnails in order to search through content quicker when large numbers of assets are stored. It is also now possible to ‘tag’ particular types of video in order to categorise the assets into programme genres for example. Tags are associated with assets via the VF Editor tool, and the user has a link to filter assets displayed by either selecting, or searching for specific tags.

When a user hovers over an asset in the user portal, a link appears to copy the URL which launches the asset to the clipboard. This link can then be used to share content, or quickly navigate to a specific asset as an alternative to using either the list or thumbnail view.


More permission based services are available for users; these reduce workload for content managers and provide greater functionality for non-administrative user accounts:

Provided the relevant permissions are set (via LDAP or Active Directory groups) users can now delete content from the server themselves once they no longer have a need for it. Traditionally the content manager would need to do this. Please note that the asset is deleted permanently, and is not retrievable.

Provided the relevant permissions are set assets can now be downloaded as a transport stream directly from the user portal; this enables users to store content on their local machine if available network speed is too low for reliable streaming, or if they wish to view or edit content away from the local network. Users with appropriate permission are also now able to record content to a standard MPEG-2 transport stream (.ts) file in the natively broadcast format straight from the player to their local hard disk via a record button.


The InStream player user interface has been improved:

There is now the ability to drag and drop television stations or VOD assets onto the Instream player – the menu to do this can be expanded and collapsed from a link on the right hand side of the screen. It is also possible to add transparency to the video playback via the video options menu.

There have been improvements to the multi-viewer - you can now choose a layout, then use the drag and drop feature to select which content you wish to be displayed in each of the windows.

After the InStream player has been closed, previously only some personal settings were stored. Now the location on screen, size of window, channel/asset being watched (provided it was launched from the InStream guide and not the portal) and timecode/frame display mode settings will be restored upon the next launch of the Instream player. 


Customers with current maintenance agreements should contact us or raise a helpdesk ticket to arrange a managed upgrade. If you have any questions regarding the latest release or the upgrade process please ask for assistance.

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