Export Video Furnace content to OneLan
Posted by Dominic Foulkes on 07 March 2010 11:04 PM
The OneLan digital signage system can display MPEG content from Video Furnace.

OneLan units play back video content stored within the OneLan system, so content must first be exported from Video Furnace to allow it to be displayed.

This step-by-step does not apply to live video streams (for example, live TV/radio or organisation-wide live broadcasts from a camera source).

- Open the VFEditor tool
- Select Load/Import Asset
- Select Published to view centrally stored video content
- Choose the video you would like to export and select Load
- Select Save As
- Select Local to save the content to your local PC
- Choose a file name for the video file
- Change the file extension from .vfs to .mpg
- Upload the file to OneLan through the OneLan web interface

If you require assistance with any of the steps listed here, please contact your local IT technical support or submit a support case.

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