Tips for writing a support case
Posted by Dominic Foulkes on 07 March 2010 10:36 PM
Many support cases result in requests for additional information from the customer for diagnosis, which can cause delays in providing support. Please provide as much information concerning your problem as possible when submitting a support case. This information will allow our support team to start working on your support case immediately, without contacting you for more information.

Use the following diagnostic questions to help you provide the support team with a detailed description of the problem:

- What were you trying to do when you detected the problem?
- What were you expecting to happen?
- What happened? What error messages did you encounter?
- What specific programs, commands, or devices were involved?
- When did you first observe the problem?
- Have you attempted this activity before? Did the problem occur then?
- When was the last time the activity worked?
- What has changed since the activity last worked (hardware, software, configuration)?
- If the problem does not occur every time, describe the conditions under which it does/does not occur.
- What corrective action have you taken, and with what result?
- What other symptoms have you observed?

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