AppearTV software upgrades
Posted by on 31 May 2013 12:56 PM

In the Appear TV system, each module can be managed and upgraded separately.

Before carrying out any upgrade, we would recommend taking a backup of the current configuration from the web interface.

To upgrade from 3.4 or later to 3.8:

  • Open the maintenance centre in a web browser http://ipaddress:8088
  • Upgrade the MMI/switch card using the bamboo firmware file
  • Refresh the browser window
  • Upgrade the ASIO slave cards using the asi firmware file - all similar cards can be upgraded at the same time
  • Upgrade the Bamboo slave cards using the bamboo firmware file - again, all cards can be upgraded together
  • Upgrade modulator output (1 slot) cards using the qamout/cofdmout/cable/tv/mod/etc repo file
  • Upgrade encoder/transcoder cards using the coder repo file
  • Upgrade DDM RF or descrambler cards using ddm-mk2 repo file

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