Haivision Makito 2.0 Encoder Firmware
Posted by on 30 July 2012 10:58 PM
Makito firmware 2.0 is a major rewrite of the Haivision Makito encoder firmware.

Of particular note 2.0 brings PCR insertion based on number of TS cells sent in CBR mode. ISO 13818-1/MPEG-2 CBR compliance has been enhanced with a new PCR (Program Clock Reference) injection method. The Makito now generates PCR at regular intervals for CBR TS streams when 'stream shaping' is enabled.


  • Support for generating MISB-0604 high resolution timestamps when KLV is enabled and embedded in the H.264 video elementary stream
  • Support for PCR generation method has been changed to provide better CBR compliance
  • Support for EIA-608 and EIA-708 closed captioning over HD/SD SDI interface
  • Support for PAL-M on composite interface
  • Support for disabling the snapshot capability
  • Support for time zone configuration with 'ipconfig' utility
  • Fixed an issue where when rapidly changing the input video source resolution or frame rate would cause the video encoder to stop
  • Fixed an issue where quick connect and disconnect requests from a RTSP client would cause the system to reboot
  • Fixed an issue where when enabling the capture of KLV metadata on the HD-SDI interface and interrupting the video input signal would cause the system to reboot
  • Fixed an issue where now the Metadata status is reflected correctly in the WCI if more than one metadata source is created using the CLI

The upgrade process is a two step process which must be followed precisely. Once upgraded it is not possible to revert to 1.5.

Please raise a ticket or contact Techex support to arrange an upgrade.

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