Permanently license T-VIPS Connect server
Posted by System Administrator on 06 March 2010 05:05 PM
T-VIPS Connect from version 3.6.12 supports a permanent license file. Previous versions had a fixed license period which then required a software upgrade to avoid expiration of the license.

In 3.6.12 you can obtain a permanent license file for the Connect server. Without a license file, it will expire on 1st June 2010. The hardware ID for the server on which Connect is running is required to obtain a permanent license file for that server.

The hardware ID is displayed in Connect on the ‘System / System Information’ page – for further information please see:

When you have recorded the hardware ID, please create a support case and supply the ID to us. We will request a license file and send this to you by e-mail.

Version 3.6.12 also supports detection of the TVG450 and support for the CP511 and CP541.

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